What is Butilikethat?

We are a hub for all things creative! There really isn’t any limits to what you might find on here. If we like it, then we will post it up here to share with everyone. Butilikethat is formed from a group of graphic designers, illustrators, photographs and many more people within the creative industry. Butilikethat can be split down into a few main sections. We showcase a wide range of work, ideas and things we like from around the internet. We post our very own work which you won’t be able to find anywhere else! It’s also used for the official blog for Fiddlenot, a design agency who are some of the key contributes to Butilikethat.



Back before we had this lovely blog to share what we found interesting, we used to group e-mail each other with links, pictures, videos to share it around among us. We then had the idea to not only share what we like between ourselves but why not share it with everyone else who might like to see it!? In October 2011 Butilikethat.com started as a Tumblr blog and so we began sharing with the world. Unfortunately our needs very quickly grew and Tumblr couldn’t provide us with what we wanted. In February 2012 we moved over to WordPress on our own server and this is what you see today!



Fiddlenot is a design agency based in central London who have done projects for the likes of NHS, Catch22 Magazine, Fidgit Box. With an amazing creative team on-board they have made butilikethat part of their main blog and will be posting great insights into projects they are working on as well as final works.


Mike Vs Jamie
Mike he knows kung-fu! and Jamie is a retired assassin who have both been fighting it out since time was time. Now after many failed attempts of finding a true winner they have turned to drawing (aka illustration) to finally decide who is the ultimate badass. Two unique styles going head to head, the rules are simple. There will be a chosen word/name/theme for example ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ and then Kung-fu Mike and Hitman Jamie will both create their own vision of the chosen subject and post it up on their personal blog (mikevsjamie.blogspot.co.uk ) and here at butilikethat mikevsjamie. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


If you have any questions or would like to help contribute to our blog, please get in-touch with us by going to the contact page.