ASOS Melton Zip Wallet

Wallets can be very bulky depending on what one carry (x amount of cash/cards/coins). I tend to keep things minimal and dont like bulk. My previous wallet was a French Connection leather magic wallet and have been happy for a few years, but one thing i dislike is coins!

I saw this ASOS wallet for £10.00 (Sale at £7.50 at the time of purchase) which is slim with zip compartment, where i can put a few coins along with cards and notes. The material is fabric and has a nice feel to it.

Below are photographs i’ve taken of the product. With the fabric material means one can add mini badges to personalise the wallet. Since the wallet is plain it gives it some character or you can just leave it plain. You’ll find those below. Enjoy!

Available for purchase at ASOS (Grey only).



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