Audi E-Bike Worthersee Concept

Audi’s new E-bike Worthersee concept bike puts most other electric bikes to shame with its incredibly modern shape and design. But it’s not all looks what Audi have gone for with this… The electric motor is capable of going up to a speed of 50mph if you’re willing to pedal a bit too, or on pure electric it goes up to 31mph. It’s made from a carbon fiber frame which only weighs 3.5-pounds and also has carbon wheels. There is also a built in computer to connect to your smartphone, and most uniquely of all you can use the power of the motor to put the bike in “trick mode” to help you perform wheelies! Oh yes, and because it’s Audi it has their fancy lights on it too, just like their cars. This is one of them concepts I would really like to see come to life.


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