Big Paper Head (Great Halloween costume!?)

Well it’s Halloween tonight! and you’re never too old to dress up!

I seem to go though the same old routine every year when it comes to getting ideas for Halloween… Of course always leaving it to last minute I do a Google image search for “best Halloween costume” or something and I am normally disappointed with the results because they don’t seem that original, or have too much effort involved (don’t forget I always seem to leave this until last minute).

I’m not sure how I have missed this before but in 2009 [Eric Testroete] decided to create large Papercraft Self Portrait of his head for a Halloween costume … The results are amazing I think… It looks like he has turned himself into a Nintendo 64 computer game character or something along them lines… Eric first took photos of his head from the sides and straight on and then made a wireframe model in 3D Max. He then went about apply the photos of his head as textures over the wireframe. He then cleaned up his now 3D head in a program called Mudbox along with Photoshop before using [Pepakura] to break the model up into printable sections.

Next Halloween for sure!! If I remember….









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