Bubble Wrap & 3D Paper Font

With something as simple as filling bubble wrap with different coloured inks, you think to yourself why didn’t I think of that!! It’s normally the simplest of things that stand out and look effective.

That couldn’t be said for the 3D paper font.. Which clearly took a lot of time planing before they even began creating the 3D letters.

Source: fastcodesign









2 responses to “Bubble Wrap & 3D Paper Font”

  1. Lynn says:

    Hi there, this is Lynn and I am working on an out-of-the-box cover design of a brochure for a property developer. He wanted to explore on bubble wrap and as I was surfing, I saw what you did. Would you have a detailed mechanics of how this works and whereabouts can I get the ink? My client was thinking of injecting air to a gigantic bubble to wrap the entire brochure and lettering or logo should come in a “glow” stick. Appreciate if you could advise me on the mechanics. Thank you and await your reply.

    Best regards

    • Neil Coward says:

      Hi Lynn, Thanks for your comment and viewing our site. Most of the content on here is stuff that we like and are sharing it all in one place under this site. Therefore I cannot help you with your questions but I can point you to where we got the source from and maybe you can get some answers to your questions there. (If you view the post you can see a link next to ‘source’ Hope this helps.

      Good Luck