China To Build World’s Tallest Building..

In 90 Days!!!
BSB were given the go ahead to build the sky scraper in Hunan Province. They said they would begin work later this year and would be called the ‘Sky City’. As it stands the ‘Burj Khalifa’ in Dubai is the worlds tallest building at 828m but the Sky City would stand at 838m.
But to build it in 90 days would be an achievement in itself. It would also be cheaper to make at $628 million US dollars and the Burj Khalifa was estimated at $1.5 billion US dollars.
Structurally its stable due to the build with quadruple glazing and 15cm thick exterior walls for insulation which would also help the energy efficiency.

I am extremely looking forward to seeing the outcome and whether they can produce it in 3 months!
Take a look at BSB’s 30-storey high hotel which was made in just 15 days!

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