What Computers Should Look Like

What computers should look like is a bit of a bold statement. But what I mean by that is why should they just be contained in a box? The average computer case looks so dull and boring. Even gaming machines all have the same theme to them… and you either like that aggressive ‘I’m a beast’ look or you don’t! All-in-one desktops however have defiantly moved in a better direction, but why is the standard desktop being left behind? Probably down to price and sales, shame because they can be something very beautiful and not just a box as [G-tek] proves..

Of course there has been thousand of custom computer cases before, but what I love about this one is that it blends right into your environment. No one would suspect that it’s a computer and some might say it’s completely transformed into art. Almost everyone has there computer on a desk right? well why not make it possible to build the computer into the desk! or have it looking like a speaker or make it into a feature for the room! The guys at G-tek computer design have made some really nice quality custom cases which stand out from all the others, check them out.


8 responses to “What Computers Should Look Like”

  1. Gary says:

    First one looks great and it would be nice if all parts were labeled. Keep up the good work!

  2. Lois says:

    Now show one all hooked up with cables and wires. Kinda loses something, I bet.

  3. The first one looks awesome … and if you insert wireless keyboard and mouse you’ll have only 2 cables in it (power and display).

  4. Stu Pendisdick says:

    Should be titled “If Bang & Olufsen made computers”.

  5. Jared says:

    That would get really hot.

  6. Really great design!!!

  7. B.R. Studio says:

    amaze thinking really we have to change
    lovely so pretty