Deckster | using your iPod Nano as a watch

When the new designs of the iPod nanos were released it – and personally I would say it goes with all the iPods that has came out; they are more like accessories, yes they play music. But with an iPod’s, Apple wanted to know you’ve got an iPod. Hence the white headphones and having them on show. With the current iPod shuffle’s and Nanos they were small enough for it to be seen, instead of leaving them in your pocket you are now able to clip it on the front of your shirt.

Canadian product designers N-Product have made a watch strap which allowed you to fit a iPod Nano 7th Generation in.
Now it’s not a new thing, but the finish of it is very nice; matching the aesthetics of the iPod. it’s on sale for £77.50. A bit on the pricey side i’d say but for the build and quality I can see why. Watch the video and see for yourself.

Deckster First:Class Spot from The Greater Good on Vimeo.

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