Eric Curry Master of Light Painting

Light paining is a photographic technique in which long exposures are made by moving a light source over the subject, you are literally painting with light. Eric Curry has become a famous American Photographer from his light paintings. His work is really impressive and often has a very unreal effect due to the lighting and shadows. There are many forms of light painting, they don’t have to be as advance like Eric’s 100+ exposure merged together to create one final image.

A great article written by Eric can be found on [DPmag’s website here] in which he gives you tips and talks about his process in creating light paintings.

Eric Curry’s website []










Unlike some photographs, Eric says he has “no secrets” and he shows this by producing many videos to go along with his photos. If you are still unsure about how light painting works I definitely recommend you watch some of his videos. All of his collection can be found on his [YouTube channel here].

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