Frozen Faces

We recently got a week of snow in England and one of my friends sent me a very strange / interesting picture he took of his own face in the snow… This is the picture he sent me:


Obviously I laughed when I first saw this (at the funny face and the thought of him pushing his face in the snow), but thought it actually turned out pretty cool. What my friend Adam did was to slowly press his face in the snow creating a mould / imprint of his face! It inspired me to try my own, and I couldn’t believe the results! the detail which is picked up by the snow and the camera is amazing… this is our gallery of Frozen Faces which I did in the garden. Photos bellow were taken with 500D 18-55m (kit lens) with a long 2 second exposure. In that time I “painted” the faces with light to produce these pictures (except the last picture was taken with my Nexus 4 phone!), hope you like these as much as I enjoyed dunking my face in the snow!

Try it out for yourself!! and drop us a link to your photos :)

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