Giant Letters on Germany’s Symbolic Locations

A German design company based in Berlin, Scholz & Friends created a beautiful idea using giant typography on highly symbolic locations a crossed Germany.

The Brief:
In Germany, the focus in 2007 was on the Humanities. Our mission:
to make the abstract “Year of the Humanities” as visible as possible in public spaces.

Their Solution:
The idea: the alphabet. Gigantic letters were attached to highly symbolic locations – with an artistic dimension. For instance, in front of the Bundeskanzleramt, a „D“ stands for democracy. Special feature: The sections
only combine to form a letter when the viewer is at the right vantage point. The result was Germany’s largest alphabet – architecture and design made the Humanities visible.


Special projectors were used to shine giant letters onto symbolic buildings. Façade climbers stuck specialised foil over the letter shapes, thus creating Germany’s biggest ABC.


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