Information Design in Bike Booklets

Flicking through catalogue and booklets selling products can often be a bore. It’s always a pleasure to pick something up in a store and find that not only do want to look though the booklet, but take it home with me. These three booklets are a great example of something I chose to take and even add to my bookshelf of inspiration!

Genesis Bikes insideoutside 2011
Whyte 2011
Marin 2011

For me these three already had everything going for them being about bikes (one of my hobbies). Putting that to the back of my mind, when you look though these you’ll find some great examples of layout design, information design, typography and even photography. Everything is displayed beautifully inside, with a very minimalist take on the layout of the Genesis booklet particularly.

I only hope more manufactures and retailers will adopt this look more in time…..
Then I might need to make more room on the bookshelf.

– Neil Coward

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