iFlash One Magnet Lights

When cycling at night lights are essential for safety as well as helment. Bikes are very personal with different types, styles, colours and designs that reflects the riders style. To compliment those beautiful bikes are these iFlash One Magnet lights.

These minimal bike lights designed by studio Kibisi is simple, modern yet beautiful with a range of colours to match your bike style. The intuitive design uses magnet for easy fastening, effortlessly clicking onto a magnetic base which is permanently fixed to your bike. Once connected the light turns on automatically, this allows the user to easily remove the lights to avoid theft. The lights can also be connected to each other (front and rear lights) for one compact object for easy storage.

Minimal magnetic style bike light design that does not compromise in function. Suitable for all bikes.

Official website at Kibisi.

Official website at iFlash One.

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