Making of Rio 2016 Logo

So, the olympics is finished and the Paralympics have a 2 days to go(As i’m writing this).
I think the Olympics was certainly a success, I feel there is a positive vibe in the UK and a sense of optimism and opportunities in the near future for the UK. You may say that shopping has dropped whilst the games were on and the slew of rainy days but we are a nation of picking ourselves up and come what may.

So the next country to host the Olympic games is Brazil in Rio. And to be honest, I can’t think of a better place where so much energy, colour and vibrance to host the next Olympic games.
This video explains the design for their logo. I love the idea that you can see a different side to the logo and get a sense of energy and aura but yet retraining the ‘togetherness’ feel, and that’s what the Olympics is about, it’s about bringing our upcoming Olympians together to embrace their nation.

Making of Rio 2016 from Tátil Design de Ideias on Vimeo.

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