Minuum Keyboard Project

Minuum is a fantastic new keyboard which is currently being tested/created that aims to rethink how we go about typing. Not only on our phones and tablets, but literally any device. I think this looks like a fantastic project having a keyboard take up such a small amount of space on your screen (instead of the default one we all use right now which takes up half the screen) and for you to just quickly tap in the rough area of the keys for you to type looks great. I have always been a fan of Swyping (www.swype.com) but this alternative looks great. The team behind Minuum recently used indiegogo (similar to KickStarter) to get the funding they need. Their goal of $10,000 was easily met and they ended up raising $87,369 for the project. Lets hope this will come available in  the coming months!

[Minuum Project on indiegogo]





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