Prometheus Advertising

As most of you are probably aware, Prometheus is an upcoming film due to be released in the UK in a few days time on the 1st June. Not only am I looking forward to this film because its a prequel to Alien and I’d consider myself a sci-fi fan, but also because the advertising for the film has totally won me over (that doesn’t happen to often!). They have the usual posters, website, facebook group and twitter page giving you as much information as possible without giving anything away. Prometheus has taken some steps to do a little more… and I love what they have done.


The posters for Prometheus are nothing out of the ordinary here, but wanted to show these just in case you still not sure what I am talking about :)


Prometheus full trailer


Now is where things start to get interesting. If you are familiar with TED Talks, then you should really appreciate this. For people who don’t know what TED Talks are, it is where key people are given the spot light to talk about “ideas worth spreading” ( That’s a very basic description and I defiantly recommend you checking TED out). Prometheus  have used this to create a video in the future of Peter Weyland (The founder of Weyland Industries). A great idea and so well done!


Now all films have a website made for it, but not quite like this one at! The amount of detial (made up) about Weyland Industries and all the content, interaction is great fun, plus visually nice. To put it simple it’s a very well made website and has much more to offer than most other film websites. The last time I liked a film website so much was the original Saw film. Unfortunately that no longer seems to be online.


Another great feature they have done is to create their very own media surrounding their android robot which is called David in the film.

 A free .gif file from the Weyland Industries website.


Going to these levels to advertise a film is great in my view. It can build a very different kind of hype around the media and most importantly it gets people talking about it! I guess the most important question is, does it actually work going to all this effort to create theses extra content?…. Well there is a lot of evidence to say YES to great effect in fact! I recently read in a Newspaper article that Prometheus has already pre-sold over £450,000 of tickets to the BFI IMAX in London alone (which is a new record, and still climbing!).. That’s more than Avatar or the Dark Knight! I am very much looking forward to this film… As with all things though I truly hope it can live up to all the hype.

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