Revolights Bike Lights

Continuing off from Jimmy’s post on [iFlash One Magnet Lights] bike lights… While the iFlash is a cool new modern way of producing bike lights, here with Revolights they have stepped out of the traditional way of attaching bike lights which to your handlebars / seatpost and have made something quite different. Originally started though Kickstarter they successfully raised just over $215,000 to bring the product to life. The lights are now on sale and for the full set (font & back) it will set you back $250.

These lights not only make it clear for people and cars to see you from the front and back. But unlike most other lights they make you clearly visible from the sides too. Another cool feature with the Revolights is when you are slowing down, the rear light will blink to indicate your decrees in speed. Although the price might seem a little on the high end, you can still buy lights which cost more but do less. However I see this is a good starting point in cycling safety and would love to see this progress more. Having the lights and battery integrated into the wheels itself for examples would be great and probably putting the price up too…

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