Rich Colour by Alice X. Zhang

Ok so this has been ‘put’ in the illustration category, but this proper art craftsmanship meets digital for me – that’s crafts-woman in this case. Alice X. Zhang who goes by the name ^alicexz on draws these strikingly powerful images which hit you every time. I just love the layers, textures, tones and the fluidity of her work. It’s ironic because these aren’t words originally associated with digitally created pieces however it’s much more true these days and ^alicexz’s creations are a fine example.

Gripped by her video you can clearly see the old skool approach of painting straight to the canvas from the Renaissance coupled with the advantages of working onto the Photoshop canvas. A true union of art and the artists tools, which ever side of the fence you sit. Check out her sketch-blog.


– Harry Akakpo



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  1. Michael says:

    Just Awesome Work!!! -Michael