SAHN Helmet

When it comes to helmets for cycling, designers Matt Kelly and Sen-Huy Tan share a vision to provide helmet alternatives for the style-conscious rider.

“SAHN Helmets is about riding. Not racing. The SAHN Classic is a helmet for those who may or may not define themselves as cyclists, but desire to have the option to look better while moving in and around the urban landscape, both on and off the bicycle.”

Their first model is a very beautiful and minimal classic design, with a built-in brim thats great for keeping rain and sun out of your eyes as you pedal along. Both functional and fashionable.

The SAHN Helmet is available in both matte and glossy styles in black, white, blue, and tan. There is also a limited edition design featuring a custom graphic on a matte grey coloured helmet, a collaboration with internationally-recognized artist Chairman Ting Industries.

In short it provides a safety helmet in a sleek minimal style, that looks good on both men and women while cycling.

Available for purchase at Walrus Home.

Official website at SAHN Helmet.

 SAHN Helmet

DSC 5242 1000wide 700x463 SAHN Helmet

DSC 5294 2 1000wide 700x463 SAHN Helmet

DSC 5371 1000wide 700x463 SAHN Helmet

DSC 5778 1000wide 700x463 SAHN Helmet

DSC 6195 1000wide 700x463 SAHN Helmet

 SAHN Helmet

IMG 1104 1000wide 700x466 SAHN Helmet

IMG 1220 1000wide 700x466 SAHN Helmet

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  2. JM says:

    I love the fit and feel of the Sahn helmets. My last 5 helmets were all Sahn.