Drawn Converse Trainers

Being a massive gamer since… Well as far as I can remember really. One of the first games on our (myself and my brothers) SNES was Street Fighter II Turbo; the speed, the tight gameplay and the characters are what really excited me about the game. I would always-literally always draw something Street Fighter related. Seriously, if you look in my sketchbooks, you would always see Ryu or chun-li or Ken or a bunch of them!

I wasn’t much a Tekken fan. I would just envy the people that were really good at it. Then I’d pick Eddy Gordo and button mash! Now Street Fighter and Tekken come together for the first time(not counting Capcom x Namco). developed by Capcom and having the same mechanics as Street Fighter, you can imagine how excited I was to see this! Unfortunately I don’t own the game. As I need to save my money these days. If anyone would like to donate the game, you would make one happy gamer extremely happy!

So, part of the Mike Vs Jamie exhibition, we exhibited a Street Fighter X Tekken image. I thought of producing something that I haven’t done for a while, which was to draw on my shoes! All done entirely with a fine line pen, The box was coated with a white paint then drawn over with pen.

The pictures taken are all by Jimmy La, I have no credit on these lovely shots!

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