Unboxing a Samurai


Unboxing a Samurai

This wouldn’t be your usual unboxing…. In fact I have never done a ‘unboxing’ before so this would be my first… And what a unique way to start.

This is an unboxing of a 150 year old samurai armour from end of the Edo Period (1603 to 1868). Including its original yoroi bitsu box! Each suit of armour has a yoroi bitsu. When the Samurai travels, the Samurai would carry the yoroi bitsu containing his armour on his back, much like a backpack.

The emblem on three sides of the yoroi bitsu box represents the families name ‘Kondo’. This is present throughout all of the armour and most visually is placed on the front of the helmet.

I was in ore with the samurai armour itself (and with the yoroi bitsu box) but what stood out to me the most was the amount of detail that had gone into just everything! With these pictures I have tried to capture some of the detail, especially with the family emblem on the armour.

I was like a little boy with a new toy… I could have been looking and taking pictures for days… I was also fortunate enough to even try on some of the armour (how could you resist!). If you’re wondering, like I did, unfortunately no samurai sword here….

Photos were taken with Canon 500D with 50mm (1.8) & 18-55mm (kit lens).

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