Wacom’s New $3,700 Tablet

This massive new tablet by Wacom, the 24HD TOUCH has a 24″ 1.07 billion color screen and is mounted on a rotating stand that swivels easily to move from upright to tabletop. It comes with a newly upgraded battery-less pen and it’s a more immersive drawing experience, which Wacom claims will close the gap between analog and digital creativity.

I have only used (and when I say used I mean messed around with) these giant drawing tablets in the shops and I just didn’t like it myself. But then I’m defiantly not an illustrator, so this isn’t aimed for someone like me. At $3,699 I can only think this will be taken up by studios at first. It does look the business though, is it an illustrators dream?…

Source: Fastcodesign








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